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Off of Third St - Warehouse Window
Off of Third St - Warehouse Window

Wow - so... yes - it's been a while since i put anything up. Over the last month or so i became engrossed in a couple of other things. Specifically - i studied for and passed my technician class and general class amateur radio exams so now i'm a licensed radio operator. I also have become a Certified EPA HAZMAT worker person. See, there was a rather large oil spill right outside of my window at work last week. I didn't see it as it happened about 30 minutes before most of the workers arrive at work. I rolled in a couple of hours after that and missed the entire thing. For the whole day we were being told that there was only 140 gallons spilled. Late that night the story changed to 58,000!

The situation is rather unfortunate. There are tens of thousands of small (jelly bean sized) globs of oil floating in the water all around san francisco bay and the surrounding ocean. I spent the day out at ocean beach picking up several hundred (maybe a thousand even) of these things...

So - the picture... This is from a little while ago. Another one of the things that i did recently was to clean up all of my scanned pictures. I had a few people make a purchase off of my web site here and i had to get things in order.

Down near the ship-yards there are a bunch of old abandoned warehouses. Most are full of graffiti, and this one even had a rudimentary skate park built inside of it. Jason and i were down there about a year ago shooting some 8x10 and i made a few 120 frames... I've got more new stuff coming too - and a trip planned to the north coast in about a week from which i hope to return with a stack of prints of the redwood groves