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Mountain Sping III - Trinidad CA
Mountain Sping III - Trinidad CA

The water was running down the hill at a pretty quick pace making for some interesting long exposures. It's always difficult to understand after the fact, but simply getting in position to make this picture was a challenge. I had to climb up an uneven (and quite steep) incline with all of my gear. It was only about 40 feet or so but it was like walking up a greased slide.

At the top the only place i could find to place my tripod was the place i was standing so i ended up balancing on the ball of my foot on a small round rock. That only lasted long enough for one exposure so i spent the rest of my time up there standing in the water.

I made a handful of exposures from up there that i'll be sharing over the next few days.

Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any feeback (positive or negative) on them.